Our Wellness Program aims to help members achieve and maintain healthier lives with seminars and classes that are typically  free of charge.

To sign up, simply:

  • Verify eligibility by calling the Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card.
  • Register by contacting the provider of the seminar or class you are interested in.
  • Present your insurance card to the provider so you are not charged.

Benefits of Joining


Enjoy two free fitness related classes/seminars per year (such as yoga or spinning), as well as one free non fitness-related class/seminar per topic per plan year (such as nutrition or smoking cessation), with the exception of Maternal and Infant Health classes which are unlimited.  



Facing a health issue is certainly a challenge, but it’s not one you should have to deal with alone.


At BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, we’re all about  empowering you with condition-specific information, so you can learn more about your illness and make decisions that improve your self-care and support your success in achieving a healthier lifestyle.


With this information, we also aim to foster a healthy and more informed partnership between you and your physicians.  


Just select one of the pages in this section to learn more about a particular condition.

To view information regarding our Preventive Services, click here. This includes a comprehensive list of covered services for both our Medicare and non-Medicare members. 


This organization does not advertise, market or promote products or services to patients or practitioners, involved in any of our disease management programs.

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