Guidelines for Support

At BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, we believe that good health is much more than the absence of illness – it’s about creating vibrant and diverse communities where all people have opportunities to thrive. In support of these goals, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York has developed the following charitable giving strategy.

We support HEALTH that enhances the lives of others in three ways:

Physical Health

The physical health of people in our region, specifically initiatives that address cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, and obesity that are highly prevalent and detrimental to our region’s families, communities and economy, yet are primarily due to lifestyle or environment and thus preventable.

Community Health

The economic potential of our region through programs and initiatives focused on young adults and families to ensure they have the highest potential for success and can be contributing citizens in our community.

Regional Health

The cultural and environmental health of our region through organizations and programs that are critical to stability and growth and whose loss would result in a significant negative economic impact on our quality of life.


Through our corporate giving, BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York supports programs and initiatives that have measurable impact and fill needs in the communities we serve. For that reason, we don’t sponsor one-time events such as golf tournaments, galas or health fairs. However, these events may be funded at the discretion of our company’s business units.

Unless critical to the mission of an organization or project we support, we also don’t sponsor capital campaigns and endowment funds; donations to churches, synagogues, or religious facilities for religious purposes; donations to individuals; or programs or events located outside our business market areas.

Submission Guidelines:

For consideration, proposals must be submitted no less than two months in advance. Sponsorship proposals will only be accepted through our online process. All fields must be completed – otherwise, applications will be considered incomplete.

Decision Process:

BlueCross BlueShield reviews applications on a bi-monthly basis and notifies applicants by the end of the month that the application was reviewed. If additional information is needed to consider your request, you’ll be contacted (please note that this may delay notification of a decision).

We may allocate funding in multiple payments, particularly when the award amount is significant, and mid-year progress reports may be requested before additional payments are released.

Multiple-year commitments are considered, but payments beyond the first year will be contingent upon outcomes reported by the grantee following the first year of funding; additional payments may be denied or reduced based on progress and outcomes.

On rare occasion, we may provide sponsorship for a program, event or initiative that falls outside of our areas of focus based on extenuating circumstances.

Please contact Falon McKernan at 1-716-887-7098 or via e-mail at with any questions or concerns.